Dedicated Family Law Practice

We provide compassionate legal guidance for prenuptial & postnuptial agreements, adoption, divorce, alimony, custody and other family law concerns.

Compassionate Legal Expertise for the LGBTQ+ Community

Acting as hands-on advocates for under-served clients, we help them navigate their legal needs and access their rights.

Passionate Estate Planning Firm

We help you plan for life’s unexpected events with the creation of wills, trusts, health care proxies, asset protection, guardianship and other estate planning documents.

Welcome to DangerLaw, LLC from Bruce, our four-legged companion.

I’m lucky to spend my days with such a great team of lawyers. They take care of their clients even better than they take care of me. And that says a lot! They protect their clients wishes, help with stressful legal situations, and provide a compassionate and collaborative environment. Plus..they’re experts. I mean, really great experts at helping their clients. I’d rather hang out with the team at DangerLaw, LLC than anyone else. You will too.

From the Blog of DangerLaw, LLC 

Family By Choice

Family By Choice

“All to my spouse, then in equal shares to my children,” or “all to my children in equal shares.” This is a common set of instructions we estate planners see with our clients. What if we don’t have a spouse, or children? What if we don’t have siblings, or aren’t...

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Trusts and Temptations

Trusts and Temptations

In the Boston Globe, on Sunday, February 11, 2024 an article titled “Boom in youth gambling in Mass. fueled by online sports betting apps” (Chris Serres) discussed the disturbing spike in gambling by young people. In that article, “nearly 40% of men ages 18 to 49 have...

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