Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a form of dispute resolution where both parties are represented by their own attorney, but those attorneys agree not to go to Court. The goal of this voluntary process is to reach a separation agreement through negotiation and to avoid the expense and emotional toll of litigating a divorce in Court.

There is full disclosure of all relevant information needed to reach agreement on all matters including finances and co-parenting, and the open, honest dialogue encourages you to reach a durable agreement that will last you many years without the need to go back to court.

We will work with you to hire a coach and a financial expert, and any other helpful professionals, to support you and your spouse as needed in the process. The whole Collaborative process is guided by the goals that you and your spouse decide on jointly. When the parties reach agreement, the lawyers draft the formal separation agreement which is then presented to the court for approval by a judge.

Benefits of Collaborative Law:

  • Less expensive than litigation
  • Work on your and your spouse’s terms and timetable
  • Integrate with mental health and financial professionals as needed
  • Negotiate complicated or unique issues out of court

Potential Drawbacks of Collaborative Law:

  • Not appropriate for every case
  • Both parties must voluntarily participate
  • Failed negotiations may still end up in court

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