Asset Protection

Protecting your financial assets is a key priority. Whether we’re working on your behalf to create an estate plan, navigate the challenges of divorce, address issues of aging and guardianship or help your small or family business grow and be positioned for the next generation or owner.

Estate Planning

Create a legacy for future generations, mitigate exposure to estate taxes, and identify and capture your wishes.

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Family Law
Ensure that you get everything you’re entitled to from your divorce and protect you in the event you and your spouse separate and take some time to decide whether to divorce. Learn more here >

Protect your loved ones and their assets and prevent unscrupulous people from taking advantage of them.

Massachusetts is, for so many reasons and especially for LGBTQ+ parents, a great state to start a family in. For married couples, Massachusetts is very protective of both parents’ rights, regardless of biology. For unmarried couples, there are a few extra hoops necessary to secure all parties’ rights, but the law is still very favorable. Massachusetts is not the rest of the country, however. For married couples, we do still recommend second parent adoptions, a legal proceeding which gives someone, typically the partner of a legal (biological or adoptive) parent, joint legal parentage of their child. For unmarried couples, we can recommend a host of legal documentation, including second parent adoptions, which can help protect the family you are building. Talk to your spouse or partner and find out what your goals and expectations are in regard to your family’s best interests. Then we can counsel you and help you draft the documents.

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Small and Family Business Protection

Maximize the value of your business, and position it for continued growth, sale and/or being passed onto the next generation.

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