About DangerLaw

What Makes Us Different?


Thorough, accurate legal advice.

You are the expert about your own needs. We take what we have learned over the years, educate you, and then help you make smart choices about life decisions.

Competitive pricing.

We periodically survey the pricing of other attorneys. While decisions about legal representation should not be driven exclusively by price, DangerLaw’s rates are comparable.


Flexible office hours.

Mornings, evenings, weekends or holidays. What’s most convenient for you?


Ordinary English vs “legalese.”

Your documents and results should not only be effective and binding, but also easy for you to read and understand…ours are.


Collaboration with people you trust.

DangerLaw, LLC takes a team approach to its cases. Therefore, while more than one attorney may participate in a call, meeting, hearing, or task our clients are only be billed for the time of one lawyer. 

We are who we serve.

If you are in an under-served category, such as LGBTQ+, unmarried couple, recently divorced individual, entrepreneur, or women-headed household, we want to hear from you.

Meet Our Team

Our team plays to win…and to enjoy. From expert legal counsel to business development and marketing savvy, and the occasional squirrel chase.

We’re here to help you.
Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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