Studied Obedience under many qualified instructors and is self-taught in making people laugh and interrupting Zoom calls.

Prior to joining DangerLaw:

Bruce fulfilled numerous responsibilities at home. Primarily greeting the mailman who deposited treats in the slot along with letters and packages and barking at the UPS man who did not.  Bruce also spent time monitoring the perimeter of the yard for odiferous trespassers.  In his current role at DangerLaw, Bruce attends meetings and also makes house-calls as needed.

Outside of DangerLaw:

Bruce enjoys eating treats, hanging out with humans and sitting in the sun. Although it sounds like a cliché, he also enjoys long walks on the beach, watching the sunset while perched on a grassy knoll and indulging in marrow bones and socializing with other Australian Shepherds.

“If I wasn’t working here I’d… spend my time patrolling the Public Garden for squirrels.  Despite two years of dedicated squirrel chasing volunteer work, I have only caught two.  They were both very young and inexperienced.  I let them go unharmed because as everyone knows…the point of it all is to chase, not to catch.”

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